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How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Customers are shifting online and businesses are being forced to adapt. Website Advertising South Africa can help digitally transform your business to set you up for success now and into the future.

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Achieving Business Success Through Digital Transformation

With customers spending more time online than ever before, it’s essential that businesses have the necessary foundations and strategy in place to adapt to these changing demands. From ecommerce to customer service, CRMs to sales generation, businesses of all shapes and sizes are needing to respond to the way business is being done in 2020 and likely beyond. Whether you need to respond quickly to rapidly changing circumstances or future proof your business for the long haul, we are able to guide you on how best to set your business up for success in the digital world. At Website Adverising South Africa, we’re helping our clients adapt to a changing market and new customer behaviours. Find out how we can help digitally transform your business.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising

Analyse & Audit Your Current Digital State

We’ll take an in-depth look at your business and your existing digital activity to identify areas for improvement.

Identify Opportunities to Leverage Growth

We’ll look at current trends within your industry and the wider digital space to identify how you can better adapt your business to the digital economy.

Set a Strategy and Create a Plan

Our digital strategists will work with you to tailor a customised digital transformation solution to help you achieve your business goals.

Build & Create Using Our Extensive Partner Network

We’ll collaborate with our trusted developers and technology partners to create the digital experiences your business needs.

Market & Promote Directly to New & Existing Customers

Our team of digital marketing experts can help get your newly transformed business in front of your target audience.

Rapid & Responsive

Whether it’s due to factors such as a sudden economic downturn, unexpected events or even natural disasters, at some point your business may be forced to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.  Website Advertising  will act quickly to pivot your digital activity to capitalise on new opportunities and keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

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Adapting to Customer Trends

Online customers are smarter and more savvy than ever, so it’s important for brands to remain agile to keep up with changing behaviours and expectations.

By gaining a thorough understanding of your business and your target customer, we can help you update your online experience and put digital strategies in place to adapt to evolving customer trends.

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How We've Helped Brands Digitally Transform

At Website Advertising, we’re helping our clients adapt to a changing market and new customer behaviours.

These are just some of the ways we’ve helped brands digitally transform their business.

The next level in online media

The power of people

People no longer play a passive role in media, they shape it. By choosing to engage with some and ignore other content, by generating their own and amplifying existing content, your target audience controls the conversation. Your hope is that you become part of the conversation.

The power of listening

This is where Next Level Online Media can help. Our strength is in listening. We listen to you, we listen to your target audience, then we advise you on how to make the types of connections that drive measurable and significant results.

The power of knowing

Once your campaigns are active we continue to listen and provide insights on how to refine every aspect of your strategy. We provide you with both the visibility and understanding that empowers you to make more informed decisions and adapt to market opportunities and challenges. It’s our own version of people power.

Website Advertising South Africa

Media strategy

The best time to engage Website Advertising South Africa is when you start creating your marketing strategy. Many organisations compartmentalise their media planning, whereas there should be a symbiotic relationship between your earned (existing database and organic traffic) and paid strategies, as they should enhance the effectiveness of each other.

Website Advertising South Africa

Continuous experimentation

It would be foolish to ‘set and forget’ your media strategy. We continue to monitor and adjust your strategy on a daily basis, taking previous learnings and using them to enhance campaign effectiveness. This continuous improvement approach reduces wastage, optimises messaging and ensures that you are not stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns. Our ultimate goal is to always be improving your paid media ROI.