Did you know that 75% of businesses don’t have an inbound marketing strategy and don’t generate leads? Website Design forms the basis of Website Advertising South Africa’s offering. Every part of our website design solution is considered to put you and your customer on the same page. In understanding who your audience is, we can design a website that best talks to their needs, directing them to the answers they are looking for and converting visitors into customers. From our checklist, through to design, development and testing we will guide you through our seamless process.


For any modern business, an impressive website is no longer optional. Thriving brands understand that their website forms the groundwork for their digital marketing strategy; that it is a requisite component for their online presence. But it’s not just a fantastic website you need – you need an extension of what your business is all about. Website Advertising SA understands the value of superb website design and development, which is why we have a specialised team and trusted partners on-hand to turn your website into a fast, focused, and flexible digital footprint.

Making Your Users Your Priority

It takes a mere 0,05 seconds for a user to decide whether or not they are going to stick around to see what your website has to offer. That’s a rather harsh snap judgement, but understandable when one considers that nobody likes to waste time on a website that is slow, unattractive, or difficult to navigate. What’s more, 75% of users admit they judge a brand’s credibility based on the company’s website design alone. This means that no matter how authoritative your content, or how marvellous your products and services, your user bounce-rate might remain high if prospective customers don’t like what they see or experience. Fortunately, at Website Advertising SA, we’re more than capable of making the necessary tweaks (or grand overhauls) your website might require.

Our Expertise Sets Your Growth in Motion

By refining front- and back-end development, you can expect your website’s user attraction and usability to improve. This means happy customers, which turns into greater growth for your business. Specialist design and development is critical to your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and without this, gaining visibility on Google’s results page will be an endless uphill battle. Poorly designed websites also set a bad precedent when it comes to cultivating trust between brands and clients. Professional aesthetics and easy navigation signals credibility and that users can have confidence in your brand. Other reasons to let Website Advertising SA assist you in fine-tuning your website include:

  • Responsiveness across devices, such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets;
  • Simple navigation that makes retrieving information easy;
  • Aesthetic consistency with your brand’s style and personality; and
  • Improved page speeds that eliminate slow loading times.

There are other key elements to consider too, such as keyword placement, quality content, metadata, and inbound and outbound links. For this reason, we at Website Advertising SA keep up with the latest strategies and developments when it comes to websites that rank best.

Website Advertising SA is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive website design and development, no matter your needs as a company. Our expert Account Managers, Digital Campaign Managers, copywriters, and creative teams are on-call and ready to assist you in an online marketing strategy guaranteed to drive great results.

streamline design

What lies beneath

Just as we need to understand what is at the heart of your marketing strategy, you need to understand what lies beneath our media strategies.

We start by working with you and your creative team to understand your marketing strategy and key messages. We then work with you to conduct a gap analysis to identify any areas that may reduce the effectiveness of your overall strategy (e.g. inconsistent or conflicting messaging, landing pages for both initial contact and remarketing, online forms and other qualification tools ETC).

Once this process is complete and we have a clear understanding of you and your KPI’s, we then set about identifying your target audience, using a combination of those already engaging with your brand, as well as 2nd and third-party data resources. The end result of this process is a sophisticated understanding of how to reach and engage your target audience in a manner that delivers your desired outcomes.

We can then work with you and your creative team to create and deliver the right messages in the right formats, in the right context.

The next level in online media

The power of people

People no longer play a passive role in media, they shape it. By choosing to engage with some and ignore other content, by generating their own and amplifying existing content, your target audience controls the conversation. Your hope is that you become part of the conversation.

The power of listening

This is where Next Level Online Media can help. Our strength is in listening. We listen to you, we listen to your target audience, then we advise you on how to make the types of connections that drive measurable and significant results.

The power of knowing

Once your campaigns are active we continue to listen and provide insights on how to refine every aspect of your strategy. We provide you with both the visibility and understanding that empowers you to make more informed decisions and adapt to market opportunities and challenges. It’s our own version of people power.

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Media strategy

The best time to engage Website Advertising South Africa is when you start creating your marketing strategy. Many organisations compartmentalise their media planning, whereas there should be a symbiotic relationship between your earned (existing database and organic traffic) and paid strategies, as they should enhance the effectiveness of each other.

Website Advertising South Africa

Continuous experimentation

It would be foolish to ‘set and forget’ your media strategy. We continue to monitor and adjust your strategy on a daily basis, taking previous learnings and using them to enhance campaign effectiveness. This continuous improvement approach reduces wastage, optimises messaging and ensures that you are not stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns. Our ultimate goal is to always be improving your paid media ROI.